'The Daily Show' Likes This New Pope

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Since becoming pope earlier this year, Francis has surprised almost everyone with his new tone. Everyone except The Daily Show, that is. "This pope is a total prankster," John Oliver said. "Like... that time when, instead of communion wafers, he put tabs of acid on everyone's tongues. They were seeing God alright. And the Devil. And dragons." But the pope really made headlines when, on Tuesday, he told reporters that he wasn't in a position to judge gay people who pursue God in good conscience. "'Who am I to judge that person?' You are the pope," Oliver said. "Judging people is basically what you do. Your entire job description is, one, wear a funny hat and, two, judge everybody else."

Oliver touched base with senior Vatican correspondent Aasif Mandvi to see how the pope's remarks were being received there. It was a rager. "The resurrection was well received. This is an entire city orgasming at once," Mandvi said, shouting above pulsing techno music. "To put it mildly, there are a lot of gay clergy here who have been waiting a long time to come out of the ridiculously ornate closet."

Of course, the pope's comments aren't being interpreted as a change in Church doctrine. As Oliver put it, the policy is the same, but the tone is different. "Sort of like if southern water fountains in the 1950s changed their signs from this..."

"... to this..."

Time to get out of there, Mandvi.


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