'The Daily Show' Doesn't See the Fun in Detroit's Bankruptcy

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Detroit is bankrupt, and cable news anchors across the country are taking the situation a little too lightly for John Oliver's liking. After all, saying Motor City has run out of gas might just be in bad taste. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Does that tone seem appropriate to anyone?" Oliver asked. "Maybe pump the breaks on the pun-mobile a little bit... if Houston had a devastating earthquake, would you start the story with 'Houston, we have a problem?'" There's really only room for one Detroit bankruptcy joke, Oliver said, and it's a "Chapter 9 Mile" pun on Eminem's 8 Mile

The real problem with the coverage of Detroit, however, is that there hasn't actually been much coverage from Detroit. As Oliver noted, most of the correspondents are reporting from Chicago: "So you'll embed reporters and have then take gunfire in war zones all over the world, you've had them teargassed during protests, you've forced them to take 200 mph winds to the face during storms, but apparently having them stand on a corner in Downtown Detroit, oh, that is just too dangerous an assignment."



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