A Cronut Arrived in MoMA's Rain Room and the World Didn't Explode

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Truly transcendental moments—say, visiting the Taj Mahal or seeing the Northern Lights—are hard to come by, but when you're the inventor of the cronut, anything is possible. Note the heavenly streaks of light emitting from the miraculous pastry and behold Dominique Ansel's latest accomplishment:

As New York's Ben Williams swiftly pointed out, eating a cronut in the Museum of Modern Art's insanely popular Rain Room "represents 10+ hours of combined waiting in line." (The line for the Rain Room alone can, in fact, last up to eight hours.) Ansel's feat, though, presumably felt like Indiana Jones did when he finally clasped his hands around that golden idol. But without all the booby traps and snakes.

Anyway, New Yorkers are weird.

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