The 'Catching Fire' Trailer Doesn't Disappoint

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Unveiled during one of Comic-Con's most hotly anticipated panels, the trailer for the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, showed a much more expensive looking movie while keeping the spirit and characters from the first movie intact. (Or, the ones who survived at least.)

The new trailer catches up with all of the old characters and sets the stakes for the big 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games. Since we saw that at the end of the last movie, Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss and Josh Hutchersin's Peeta are in a fake relationship for television now. Gale is still involved in this love triangle somehow, too. But things are afoot in these Districts of Panem, and Katniss may be the change people need. That's why Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Donald Sutherland, all white-haired and full of pomp and menace, are conspiring to get rid of her. We also get quick flashes of the new characters, like Finnick, who is shirtless, natch.

We also get a shot of the new Hunger Games arena, which is much more impressive this time around. Everything seen in this trailer is full and lush; it's shiny in the right places and dirty where it needs to be. The Hunger Games stage (hi, Stanley Tucci!) looks more extravagant than it did in the last movie. It has a very Oscars feel to it. Just from seeing this new trailer, many have noticed the sequel received an obvious budget after the first movie's success. 

This is the first shot in what will surely be marketing blitz before the November 22 release. Enjoy: 

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