'Bunheads' Is No More

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Impassioned pleas from TV writers to keep Bunheads on the air could not stop ABC Family from canceling the show, which the network announced Monday evening.  

Amy Sherman-Palladino's creation, which told the story of a Vegas showgirl teaching a group of teenage ballet dancers in a quirky California town, was a critics' darling that hovered on the brink of cancellation essentially since the show ended its first season run in February. 

Bunheads stood out from the crowd of shows currently on the air by just being about people—both young and old—figuring out their lives. As BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur wrote today: "If your standards for plot are Game of Thrones or Homeland, not that much happened on Bunheads. Yet if you value the pleasures of watching someone rebuild her life and screw it up again sometimes, all while talking very quickly, then every episode of Bunheads was the Red Wedding of witty, warm, quirky emotional connection."It also made an excellent use of dance in telling its stories, using beautiful choreography to convey characters' emotions with little cheese. 

The show is already being mourned in the annals of Twitter.

Depending on your emotions, here are some Bunheads dances for you to watch. If you are angry, here's "Istanbul:"

If you are sad, here's "You, Sailor."

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