Here's the First Post-DOMA Kids Movie Trailer with Two Moms and Two Dads

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The first teaser for The Boxtrolls, a stop-motion animation film due out in 2014, has the perfect summer message. Though the film happens to be about a boy raised by, yes, trolls that live in boxes, the trailer has a subtle and wonderful message of equality. First, the clip focuses on a little boy giggling happily. "Sometimes there's a mother," entones the voiceover, as a mother pops up onscreen. "Sometimes there's a father." The mother then disappears as the narrator continues, "sometimes there's a father and a father," and the fathers are replaced by women when the voiceover explains, "sometimes both fathers are mothers." Ultimately, the only time the litte boy is sad is when there's "no one at all." But that is quickly remedied by, you know, the boxes that turn out to be trolls. 

It's a wonderful trailer for our post-DOMA world, even if the clip was cut before last week's Supreme Court decisions. (And, of course, there are already people complaining in the YouTube comments.) Watch below: 

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