'Arrested Development' May Get Another Season on Netflix

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For those of you who already binge-watched the fourth season of Arrested Development currently streaming on Netflix, fear not. It looks like the Bluths will be back again, at least in some capacity.

Brian Grazer, the co-chairman of Arrested Development's production company, Imagine Entertainment, confirmed at the Sun Valley Conference yesterday that he's planning for a new season.

We are in conversations with them to do another. They are interested in doing that.

Netflix being the "they." Netflix CEO Reed Hastings originally said Arrested Development would be a one-season deal, but viewing numbers for the fourth season exceeded his expectations (by how much, we don't know). Hastings has already signed off on second seasons for Netflix originals Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards. Even Hemlock Grove is getting a second season. Has anyone seen Hemlock Grove? If that's the bar, we'd hope Michael and the gang will get back together again, at least one more time.

Michael Cera commented to MTV, however, that an Arrested Development movie might be easier for the cast and crew to accomplish than a fifth season.

I think a film would be a little more manageable for him [AD creator Mitch Hurwitz]. He was writing and directing this season. I don't know how he did that. He was just living and breathing it the whole 24 hours. He's got two daughters and a wife. I think it really takes over his life for nine months or something. It's got to be hard. A movie, I think, would be a little more livable.

No official deal has been made yet for a movie or a continuation of the show.

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