Alec Baldwin Wants Out of the Game

Today in celebrity gossip: Alec Baldwin is done with Twitter and maybe with acting, people on Big Brother are racist, and London braces for Royal Baby. 

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Today in celebrity gossip: Alec Baldwin is done with Twitter and maybe with acting, people on Big Brother are racist, and London braces for Royal Baby. 

Remember last week when Alec Baldwin went on a Twitter tirade against a journalist who wrote a scurrilous thing about his wife tweeting at a funeral? Well, he's since quit Twitter, which would make it at least the third time, but this time it's supposedly for good. How good? Real good. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Baldwin was asked if he'd ever use the social media service (site? platform? horrible time-suck?) again and he said, "Never." So that's probably for the best, yeah? I mean, someone prone to rageful outbursts probably doesn't need to have Twitter at his disposal. But, I'm not sure he necessarily arrived at this decision in the best way. He said: "I went to Jimmy Gandolfini’s funeral, and when I was there I realized Jimmy Gandolfini didn’t have Twitter." He then went on to say "I really learned a lesson at the funeral." Wait. The lesson of James Gandolfini's funeral was that he didn't have Twitter? Yowsers. I hope no one says about my funeral, "The lesson I learned at Richard's funeral was that he had Twitter." Look, Alec Baldwin is free to take whatever meaning out of a friend's funeral that he wants, but didn't his real Twitter lesson come from when he made a bunch of homophobic threats to a reporter like a day after being at that funeral? I don't know. That seems like the real learning time. Oh well. Point is, no more Alec Baldwin on Twitter, supposedly. Oh and he wants to quit acting, for his soon-to-be-born daughter's sake. But he's threatened to quit acting like a billion times. It's Alec Baldwin. He just does this. [Vanity Fair, via Us Weekly]

So Big Brother is happening for the 15th time on CBS right now, and once again there has arisen a small issue about the awfulness of the cast members. Specifically, they were heard on the house's live video feed saying terrible racist and homophobic things. And they weren't even on Twitter! They were just saying them out loud, to each other. Things about not being able to see black people in the dark and calling a gay cast member a queer. (Sorry, but queer people are allowed to say queer, and non-queer people are allowed to say queer, but not in the context it was used here.) While several of the cast members are guilty of this nonsense, the one in question today is a blonde and bubbly Texas college student named Aaryn Gries. She said a bunch of awful things and now she has been dropped by her modeling agency in Texas. Or her talent agency, rather. It's called Zephyr Talent and it's based in Austin. Ah yes, the mighty Texas-based talent agency. So it's no huge loss for dear sweet Aaryn, but it's a loss nonetheless. She's still stuck in that godforsaken house, presumably with no knowledge of this debacle, so that'll be fun for when she gets out. "Oh them cameras actually sent my picture-noises to people? Golly." That'll be a good moment for some Big Brother producer. For now, we just sit and fume while she sits and... plays Big Brother. [TMZ]

London is a little crazy right now as the city braces for the impending arrival of Royal Baby, aka Prince Jayden I. The hospital where Kate is set to give birth, St. Mary's, has blocked off an entire parking lot for all of July, though photographers and reporters of various stripes have set up camp across the street, with ladders and everything. This is going to be a thing, guys. When this happens, and it will happen soon, the whole world will, one again, tilt toward England. It's the first direct heir to the throne born in 28 years! That's something. That's definitely something. So now we wait. And wait and wait and wait. While the royals busy themselves with their days, all keenly aware that life is, once again, about to be a strange and wonderful thing. [People]

Speaking of European royalty, former Queen of France Carla Bruni (that's what she was, right? My understanding of French politics stops somewhere around 1789) has restless legs, apparently. Or a shaky leg. It seems that when she gets nervous, her leg twitches a lot. And there's nothing she can do about it. So as far as her life goes, we've got in the pros category: model, singer, wife of former president of France, was in a Woody Allen movie. And in the cons, there's a shaky leg. Poor dear. Quel dommage. [Page Six]

Ha. In a recent interview Jennifer Aniston talked about being on a road trip with her fiance Justin Theroux and how they were very hungry but the only thing around was McDonald's so she ordered a Big Mac, she thinks, and "Wow, my body did not react well to that!" Yeah because Jennifer Aniston mostly eats seeds and dust motes, the McDonald's food — processed by God's noble hands — did not sit well with her. She says it was "like putting gasoline in a purified system." Which, OK, calm down. I know she's just answering the question honestly, but if you've gotten to the point in your dieting life where you call your body a "purified system," or at the very least compare your body to a purified system, it's maybe time to take a step back. And, I don't know, maybe eat a Big Mac more often. Not every day or even every week. But once a month? Try to de-purify that system just a little. Because there is honest joy and satisfaction to be found in the impure. Not always, definitely don't eat it always, but sometimes. Just sometimes. Have a little fun. I don't know. She'll probably live forever and will have the last laugh on all of us. But at least we'll have had some Popeye's biscuits on the way to our graves, right? [Us Weekly]

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