'Yeezus' Has Leaked and Even Kanye Couldn't Stop It

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Despite Kanye's best attempts to keep his album Yeezus mostly under wraps, the album is now bouncing around the Internet's file servers. 

Twitter started gabbing about the Yeezus leak around 12:30 p.m. today, and now it seems like most everyone has gotten word of it

As well as that Mega.co.nz link, we've also heard the album was available on the private BitTorrent site What.CD. This follows a Swedish retailer revealing a track list, according to MTV News. Kanye has certainly put songs out there by performing on Saturday Night Live and at the Met Gala and setting up projections and listening parties, but he was trying to run a tight ship. The album wasn't going to be available for preorders. Just yesterday BuzzFeed's Matthew Perpetua published a post listing the "8 Reasons You Won’t Hear 'Yeezus' Early." Leaks have become so commonplace that no one should have been shocked that Yeezus leaked, but as Perpetua pointed out Kanye has already mastered the not-leaking strategy. When his summer 2011 collaboration with Jay-Z Watch the Throne came out, it avoided leaking. Billboard's Steven J. Horowitz wrote at that time that Kanye learned from the leaks of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy tracks, and imposed certain rules when recording Watch the Throne. This go around Kanye was very specific about his album rollout, ranting at Governors Ball: "With this album we ain't drop no single to radio. We ain't got no NBA campaign, nothing like that." 

Well, despite what Kanye may have intended, now people are listening and even tweeting out lyrics, and it's all four days ahead of the June 18 release. 

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