Is Walter White Going to Die?

Today in showbiz news: A new poster for Breaking Bad poses some questions, new images from the next big Y.A. thing Divergent, and more One Direction for you to squeal at.

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The final eight episodes of AMC's bleak but brilliant descent into hell, Breaking Bad, begin on August 11, and the network has just released an innnteresting poster teasing the end. Our meth-makin', drug-dealin' antihero Walter White stands with that trademark scowl on his face, hands balled into fists, a blaring white sun burning behind him. And in big letters it says REMEMBER MY NAME. What could that mean? Is the light heaven? Is Walter going to die? Is that why we have to remember his name? Though, if he was going to die, wouldn't he be staring into the light, not looking the opposite direction? Maybe he's telling us to remember his name because he's going to kill us and he wants us to tell the Devil he's on his way when we get there. Or maybe he's going to jail. Something has to happen to Walter, some kind of comeuppance for all his increasingly terrible deeds, right? He can't just saunter off into the sunset with his lady on his arm and a suitcase full of cash-money. That wouldn't be fair to, like, the universe. So it's dead or jail. Jail or dead. Which is it? Why are we remembering his name?? Where are you going, Walter White? Where are you taking us. [Entertainment Weekly]

Alert your teen! Alert your teen! Or alert your damn self if you are A) a teen (why are you reading this? Go outside! It's summer!) or B) like teen things. Y'see, some new Divergent production photos have been released. That's the big Y.A. adaptation starring Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet, among others. It's based on a book series about a future Chicago where everything's all effed up and people are divided into societal groups based on character traits. (They all have terrible names like Candor and Abnegation, but I've already whined about that enough.) We've seen one or two pics before, but this is a veritable treasure trove. There's Tris with a gun, and a Ferris wheel, and various hunks, and, my favorite, Maggie Q measuring Shailene Woodley's head. Does Maggie Q play a phrenologist in this movie? Has phrenology regained popularity in dystopian Chicago? Mr. Burns will be so happy. Anyway, that pic is down below and the others are past the link. Enjoy! And then go outside, teens. The summer will be over before you know it. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oh, wait, sorry teens. One more thing. Here is a new trailer for the One Direction concert movie/documentary One Direction: This Is Us. You'll probably want to watch it while salty Cheetos tears pour down your face and then get so excited that you throw your computer out the window, screaming the whole time, so happy to see Harry at his bakery and Zayn's mom getting a house and whatever else is going on in this thing. I don't know because I didn't finish it. How could I after I threw my computer out the window. So, watch this, ditch the beep-boop out the window, and go do donuts in the abandoned mall parking lot or buy some weed from Billy's step-cousin or go make out under the boysenberry bush or whatever it is you want to spend your summer doing. Just get away from the damn computer.

Here is a very strange trailer for very strange Terry Gilliam's very strange movie The Zero Theorem, starring the very strange Christoph Waltz. Very strange Tilda Swinton makes a very strange cameo. It looks very strange! Not much to say about it beyond that. Apparently Matt Damon has a cameo too, but he's not very strange, so they didn't see fit to include him.

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