'Walking Dead' Is Getting Scarier Zombies

Today in showbiz news: Changes are coming to The Walking Dead, ABC orders a funny-sounding new show, and The Purge is already a hit.

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Today in showbiz news: Changes are coming to The Walking Dead, ABC orders a funny-sounding new show, and The Purge is already a hit.

According to an Entertainment Weekly interview with Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus (he plays The Arrowman, or whatever his name is), the fourth season of the show will somehow feature scarier zombies than we've had before. He told EW, "They’ve introduced a way to make the zombies scary again. They’re terrifying. The new threat is just unreal." Hm. So... the zombies evolve? Or someone straps knives to them or something? They all start voting for Ron Paul? Exactly how are they scarier?? Might it just, be, sigh that they figure out how to run? I mean isn't that how zombies are modified these days? The World War Z movie has fast zombies while the book didn't. The original Dawn of the Dead had slow zombs but the remake had running ghouls. Maybe that familiar evolution happens within Walking Dead's own story. I mean they'd have to change the title to The Running Dead, of course, but that's OK. I'm not a fan of the fast zombie in general — exceptions being the DotD remake and 28 Days Later — but if they must do it, so be it. It'd be better than having the zombies learn how to talk or use tools, like in Land of the Dead. I'd take running over either of those things. Anyway, start theorizing, Deadheads! [Entertainment Weekly]

ABC has just picked up a new series for next TV season. They've ordered thirteen episodes, straight to series, of a show called The Black Box, about "a famed neuroscientist who seems to have it all, with a job at the Center for Neurological Research and Treatment (otherwise known as The Cube), but struggles with mental illness." Wait. Wasn't that the exact plot of Do No Harm last season? I mean, not exact exact, but pretty darn close? Oh well. If it's broke, do it again. That's the old saying, right? One more thing about this show: It's called The Black Box. And the lead character's name is Elizabeth... Black. So. Um. That title. Sort of. Suggests. Something... I'm not... sure? they? want? it? to? Mayyybe? Hmm? What do you think? The Black Box. Elizabeth Black. It's just... I dunno. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Meanwhile Showtime is developing a drama series about trucking. As in, 10-4 good buddy. It's called Heartland Trucking and is from a guy who writes for Longmire. Though, the funny thing about the way the Deadline post is formatted is that it initially looks like Showtime's trucking show was created by Walt Whitman. It wasn't. But if it was, that would be amazing. I'd see any Walt Whitman series. Leaves of Grass would be the obvious choice, but anything really. Someone get on that. Someone go back in time, explain to Walt Whitman what television is, and then have him create a premium cable series. It won't be that hard. I mean he'll probably scream for a long time when you tell him who you are and what you want, he may even try to run away or call the police, but after that, I'm sure he'll be cracking stories in no time. [Deadline]

The Purge, the new movie about how it seems like a good idea in 2022 to let everyone commit any crime they want without repercussions for twelve hours every year, has already made back its budget. And it just opened today. See, there were late shows last night that pulled in $3.4 million across the land, and the movie only cost $3 million to make, so that's that! Well done, everyone. You can all go home and relax. Especially you, Ethan Hawke. What do you think Ethan Hawke gets paid on a $3 million movie? Or does he just get some of the profits? Who knows! Well, Ethan Hawke knows. His accountant knows. OK, lots of people know. Anyway, the point is this silly sounding movie is already doing well. How about that. [The Wrap]

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