There Are No Happy Endings for 'Happy Endings'

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In another life, good shows are rewarded with long and fruitful lives on television with lots and lots of viewers. This is not that life. In this life, a good show like Happy Endings, previously on ABC, will, in all likelihood, not get picked up by the USA network.

Vulture's Josef Adalian reports the deal between USA and Sony/ABC-Studios (the show's producer) to pick up Happy Endings for another season "appeared to be dead." Which means it's dead, but he hasn't poked it with a stick to find out yet. This shouldn't come as a complete shock: Buzzfeed's Kate Arthur reported that a deal to save the show was "a longshot" in the middle of May, and a big part of that was financials. Adalian says they agreed money eventually, but for some reason USA got cold feet in the end. 

Sorry to break it to you, Happy Endings fans. You were a passionate, vocal minority pulling for your favorite show during upfront week when it was not-abruptly cancelled by ABC. And that was sad! The show did a raved about could-be could-not-be series finale and gave it a proper send-off, at least. Most shows don't get that opportunity. But there was always a silver lining in play, the hope a white knight like USA might swing in and rescue you from the trash heap. 

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There may be hope for life on another network yet. Adalian reports other networks are mulling acquiring the show. The two suspects he names: NBC and TBS. NBC would be an especially interesting choice. Their upfront schedule was not well-received, not one bit. Adding Happy Endings might be the critically-positive jolt in the arm the network needs. But this, too, seems like a longshot. We'll wait until we hear more, but we're not holding our breath. 

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