Aaron Sorkin Made 'The Newsroom' Really Timely and He Regrets It

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The thing about HBO's The Newsroom is that it centers on news events of the recent past, rewriting history so Will McAvoy and his ACN primetime team emerge heroes. But according to a report from Deadline about a cast event late last night, star Emily Mortimer has revealed that Aaron Sorkin can not only rewrite the past—he can, apparently, predict the future

The second season of the show, which starts July 14, will deal with chemical weapons. You know, like the ones the White House announced last night that the Syrian government is using against its own people. "It's frustrating because Aaron wrote that months ago," Mortimer said according to Deadline, "but it will now seem as if he was simply following that story." It's also, you know, frustrating that this is actually happening the real world, but we feel for Sorkin's ego, too. 

The Newsroom, in its jaunt from August 23, 2011 through Election Night 2012, will also tackle stories like the Trayvon Martin case (which happens to be in trial right now and through the next month) and the Affordable Care Act. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves on the topic of Sorkin's "incredible foresight": Chemical weapons have been a topic in Syria for years, and certainly dating back long into more than two years of civil war. Last July, Syrian officials said they would use chemical weapons against foreign intervention. It's not like Sorkin has magical powers or a time-travel machine. That said, we wouldn't be surprised if The Newsroom is just Sorkin's effort to traverse the space-time continuum: HBO's new poster certainly looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, what with the tagline "together they stand alone."


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