The Terminator Will Terminate Again

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Today in show business news: Schwarzenegger will be robotic again, Guardians of the Galaxy gets more guardians, and Man of Steel is going to be big. 

Those crazy Ellison siblings, Megan of Annapurna and David of Skydance, have agreed to each finance a third of the next Terminator film, with Paramount finding a way to cover the rest. Meaning we really might be getting a fifth tale about the Skynet-ravaged world. Arnold Schwarzenegger seems aware of this development, as he said at a press event in Australia yesterday that he would be starring in the film. Which... Do robots age? I mean, everything ages, time is time, but do they age like we do? Because Arnold Schwarzenegger has humanly aged a bit in the last ten years! Just sayin'. Anyway, this isn't really good news or bad news, given that we have no idea yet what the film will be about or anything. But it has to be better than Terminator Salvation, right? Because that thing was a turkey. So that's all you need to do, you little heirling Ellison kids. Just make it better than Terminator Salvation and everyone will consider T5: The Legend of Connor's Gold a success. [Deadline]

John C. Reilly has joined the cast of Marvel's next big franchise hopeful, Guardians of the Galaxy. He'll be playing Rhomann Dey, who is described as "the leader of the Nova Corps on the planet Xandar when the planet was destroyed by the space pirate Zorr." Oof. Rhomann. Xandard. Zorr. Star-Lord. Yondu. Drax the Destroyer. This movie might be a tough sell to outsiders. "Hey want to go see Space Gibberish with me?" "Nah, I think I'm good on all that." Then they turn on the TV and say, "Ohh, Lord of the Rings is on. I love Bilbo!" [Deadline]

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Joe Manganiello, better known as Wolfhunk the Shirtless on the documentary series True Blood, has been cast as, get this, Stanley Kowalski. Yes, the beefcake will be doing A Streetcar Named Desire at Yale Rep this fall. That might seem a bit incongruous given his recent acting roles, but Joe Manganiello has a BFA in acting from Carnegie Mellon, which is not a trifling theater program. So, he could actually do something with this. I mean, everyone in the audience is going to be heavy panting waiting for him to rip his shirt off as he yells "Stella!" and will all leave for a cigarette immediately afterwards no matter what, but he could actually do a good job. Enjoy, New Haven. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Weird, nobody's talking about Man of Steel at all, no blog posts or reviews or anything, and yet it's on track to earn $125 million this weekend. Crazy! How did people even find out about this thing? Resourceful little buggers, the 10 million or so people who are going to see this movie this weekend. Amazing. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a very brief promo for the upcoming HBO series True Detective, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Well, they call it a series but I'm pretty sure it's just a one-off thing? Or at least it is for McConaughey and Harrelson? Well, whatever, it's going to be good, whatever it is. Though it is kind of funny that HBO now has two swampy series with the word "True" in the title. Maybe they're starting a thing. Can't wait for True Sex and the Bayou!

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