Some Ideas For a New 'Today' Show Plaza

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The Today show plaza—long the place of concerts, hosts doing silly things, awkward chats—may be getting some sort of makeover. In his New York Times report about the show replacing its longtime director, Brian Stelter quotes an unnamed executive as saying "We’re rethinking the plaza experience." 

Yes, the struggling Today show is in for big changes—though as Stelter points out not personnel ones—including a new studio. The show will move to a temporary set in August, like they did in 2006, and will debut on their new one in the fall. 

But what does that mean for the plaza, which has been a staple of the show since 1994, where tourists routinely gather to which their mothers happy birthday on camera or see a celebrity in concert? We have some (ridiculous) ideas. 

Option 1: Get rid of the plaza Who needs it? Do we really need to hear Al Roker making small talk with a high school choir from Portland? Lock the anchors inside. 

Option 2: Put in seats Ticket it. Make it a destination like a talk show. 

Option 3: Turn it into a petting zoo In 1953 the show brought on a chimpanzee to help its status with sponsors. Everyone loves animals. A petting zoo would be the perfect way to help the ratings. 

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Option 4: Move to Times Square This is all about competition with Good Morning America, right? Why not make that competition more direct. It can be like New Year's Eve. 

 Option 5: Make it a permanent obstacle course The plaza has often made for good entertainment when it's a venue for the hosts to do stupid things. Take for instance when the team ran a Tough Mudder course last year. Instate Kathie Lee and Hoda as permanent cheerleaders/commentators. Make Al wade through ice water to do the weather. Make Matt Lauer crawl through mud to interview a celebrity. Pure fun. 

Option 6: Forbid any one from attending except Lenny The longtime fan is the best part of the plaza anyway.

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