Sandra Bullock Won't Hate Little Girls

Today in show business news: The search for Miss Hannigan continues, some interesting clues about the next Star Wars movie, and Simon Rich continues to do well at his 20s.

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Today in show business news: The search for Miss Hannigan continues, some interesting clues about the next Star Wars movie, and Simon Rich continues to do well at his 20s.

Well, sorry to disappoint you folks, but the talks to cast Sandra Bullock as Miss Hannigan in the new Annie remake have fallen through. Yup. It looked like there was a possibility, however slight, for a minute there, but ultimately the idea was dropped. By whom we'll never know. I'd guess Bullock, but who knows. Maybe director Will Gluck heard her sing and was like "Nope." Whatever happened, it's probably for the best, right? There was a chance it could have been fun, but there was a way bigger chance it was going to be a terrible misfire. I know you rarely get anything good without risk, but it's just an Annie remake we're talking about. So. Onto the next. Who should they cast? I'm hoping for Adam Lambert. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Something that is happening in the movie musical world is the adaptation of Jason Robert Brown's The Last 5 Years. It's officially begun production with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in the story's only two roles. He'll sing a series of songs detailing the rise and fall of a relationship from beginning to end, she'll sing the same story, with different songs, from end to beginning. They meet once in the middle and then everything ends sad. Or wistful, at least. Richard LaGravenese is directing. Hopefully he'll keep this thing as small as the stage musical, though I suppose he can't film them just standing on a stage for 90 minutes. They'll have to move around. But not too much, I hope. [Deadline]

Innnnteresting. Some casting notes for the new Star Wars movie, Episode VII, have leaked, giving us some clue as to just who the heck is going to be in this crazy movie. The characters include two teen girls who are described as "independent, good sense of humor, fit" and "tough, smart and fit." So they're both fit. That's important to know. There's a middle-aged "military type" guy, there's a thirtysomething nerd, there's an old man, and then there are two young men. They are described as "fit, but not traditionally good looking" and "fit, handsome and confident." So, again, they are both fit. Everyone's fit! Well maybe not the old man or the nerd, but everyone else is. I'd imagine the "military-type" man is fit. So, yeah, this doesn't really tell us that much, but The Hollywood Reporter says there have been rumors that Episode VII will have a female lead, which could be interesting. Can't wait for the fanboy conversation about that. Not that they'll necessarily object, but there will probably be something to be said about it. Happy speculating! [The Hollywood Reporter]

FX has ordered a pilot from former SNL wunderkind and humor novelist Simon Rich. The show is called Man Seeking Woman and is based on his recently published book The Last Girlfriend On Earth. Deadline says that if the show goes to air, it will make 28-year-old Rich "one of the youngest series creators ever." Not younger than Lena Dunham! But yeah, pretty young. He was just 22 when he started at SNL, if you can believe it. It's really something. Imagine what he could have done if the impediments of going to Harvard and being on the Lampoon and his dad being Frank Rich hadn't slowed him down. [Deadline]

Here is the first trailer for The Spectacular Now, the teen indie romance from Smashed director James Ponsoldt. It stars the charming duo of Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley (sorry about Spidey, gurl) as a mismatched pair that falls in love despite their differences. See, he's something of a shiftless screw-up and she's sweet and shy and has her stuff together. So they fall in love and then, presumably, other things happen. The movie was a small sensation at Sundance this winter, so it's got that going for it. I can't quite tell if it looks cute or cloying, but I'm sincerely hoping it's the former. These kids seem nice. They should be in nice movies.

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