Roberto Cavalli Gives Beyoncé Alien Legs

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Designer Roberto Cavalli's Facebook page posted a sketch of a dress for Beyoncé's tour featuring a hyperreal but totally unrealistic illustration of the singer, that morphs her into a stick-thin, seemingly boneless Barbie. It's, well, creepy. 

The sketch prompted BuzzFeed's Shani O. Hilton to tweet: 

And the comments on the photo teemed with people asking why she was so altered. One person, for instance, wrote: "why would you do such a sketch that clearly doesn't reflect her shape?!"  But others pointed out, rightly, that this is intended to be a sketch, which for better or for worse, typically make women's bodies super-skinny and highly unrealistic. Even Beyoncé has not been immune. Just take a look at some of the costume sketches she has posted on her site. 

It's just an unfortunate reality of the fashion industry. Still, we can all take heart to know that Beyoncé looked fabulous in the dress even without alien legs. 

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