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Updated: After the international, Russian-language trailer for Ridley Scott's latest, starring Brad Pitt and almost too many other stars, debuted this morning we now have the English language version. That means we get to hear some of Cormac McCarthy's dialogue in the script for The Counselor, though for now it's mostly just some menacing lines from the likes of Pitt and Bardem. Penelope Cruz asks Michael Fassbender: "Have you been bad?" 

They are surely intriguing. Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist brought up Michael Bay, and Jeff Labrecque at Entertainment Weekly alluded to Scarface. But regardless of which other film you want to compare Scott's November epic to, let's focus on what we can glean from this thing right now: There's a cheetah lounging by a pool. Cameron Diaz is looking sultry in heavy eyeliner and tacky clothes. Fassbender and Cruz are predictably gorgeous. Pitt's got weird hair Bardem's got weird hair—though let's be real: when does Javier Bardem not have weird hair? Yes, basically everyone is in this movie about a lawyer, Fassbender, that gets mixed up in drug trafficking. 

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