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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we've always wondered what a country-wide Royal Rumble match would look like. So The Purge seems interesting, at least. 

1. The Purge (Universal): $36.4 million in 2,536 theaters

This is another win for  Jason Blum, the guy behind Paranormal Activity. What this guy knows about making cheap and successful horror movies that other people don't is a question people need to start asking. This cost $3 million to make and wasn't expected to perform this well. The final tally was inflated slightly by hurricane Andrea making its way up the east coast, but still. This guy keeps bringing in major returns so Universal, who signed him up long term, must be very pleased. 

2. Fast & Furious 6 (Universal): $19.8 million in 3,771 theaters [Week 3]

The continued success of this movie, with its racially and sexually diverse cast, is the best possible thing for our society. Fast 6 is making us a more accepting society. Also, it teaches people thinking about leaking information from the feds that Spain doesn't extradite criminals to the U.S. But for now it's been knocked off the top of the box office. 

3. Now You See Me (Lionsgate): $19.5 million in 3,020 theaters [Week 2]

In the movie, the team of magician thieves make money stolen from bank vaults appear on stage during their performances. Out of thin air! Because magic. Too bad they can't do that for the movie's box office numbers.  

4. The Internship (Fox): $18.1 million in 3,366 theaters

Why would anyone see the movie when you can follow along to Vulture's guide to every time Google is mentioned or referenced in the movie instead? This is a deadly serious question. In related news, this is a huge bust. The Internship cost $58 million to make and it starred the usually-reliable pairing of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who were together for the first time since Wedding Crashers. Expectations were high. Or at least higher than this. 

5. Epic (Fox): $12.1 million in 3,594 theaters [Week 3]

Hopefully your weekend went well. 

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