Pippa Middleton Swings into Vanity Fair, Which Is Exactly Where She Belongs

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On the verge of becoming the most famous aunt in the world—sorry, Khloe—Pippa Middleton has gotten herself another job. Not content being just a writer of bargain-basement party-planning books and a columnist for a grocery store chain's magazine, Middleton has taken many a young writer's dream job and is now officially a contributing editor at Vanity Fair. Which sounds just about right.

The 29-year-old Middleton's first contribution appears in the magazine's July issue—featuring Channing Tatum on the cover—and it's a piece on Wimbledon. The piece, not yet available online or on newsstands, apparently details Middleton's childhood Wimbledon dreams, and that time in 2004 she had to "queue up" for three hours on People's Sunday with her sister to get Centre Court tickets.

Presumably, the Middletons do not have to wait in line anymore.

Of his hire Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter says: "She's a keen observer of classic British pastimes. She is also an avid sportswoman, and we look forward to her take on traditional English pursuits, beginning with Wimbledon." You know what? Good for Pippa. Vanity Fair seems like a pretty perfect match. For all the great reporting you can find in the magazine, it really has always loved the royal and socialite scene.

However, a comparison to another famous VF contributing editor is driving people on Twitter nuts. 

(That's not exactly fair to say, but you see why it might have some people up in arms.)

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