Nik Wallenda's Plan to Tightrope the NYC Skyline Could Already Be Over

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Just a day after Nik Wallenda successfully tightrope-walked across the Grand Canyon, the city of New York addressed the stuntman's plans to walk between the  Chrysler and Empire State buildings. And, according to police commissioner Ray Kelly, that walk isn't going to happen. 

 Here's what Kelly said on Monday in response to a question about Wallenda's announcement that he'd like to walk NYC next (via the AP): 

"I would say no," Kelly said. "I think it's dangerous." He added that any attempt could be hazardous to those on the ground underneath in case of a fall.

"Here, there's thousands of New Yorkers who certainly could be put at risk. So I don't think it would be wise in this city,"

Wallenda said on Sunday that he'd only attempt the walk with city approval, so there's little chance that he'll pull a Philippe Petit and just do it anyway.

The seventh-generation member of the Flying Wallendas previously crossed Niagara Falls before his successful stunt Sunday night. His proposed Chrysler-Empire State Building walk would have been about 4,000 feet, or three times the length of Sunday's stunt. 

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