Here's the Semi-Recent Past They'll Be Covering on 'The Newsroom' This Year

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If you're looking forward to spending the summer of 2013 re-living major recent events of 2012, thank goodness The Newsroom is back. In a new trailer that aired before last night's Game of Thrones finale—this one with actual clips from season two, as opposed to desert wandering—we get a glimpse of the news on News Night beginning July 14.

And so it begins again: Our truth-speaking hero, Will McAvoy, is still dealing with that "American Taliban" speech from last season, and pissing off his higher-ups like Jane Fonda's CEO. The "chips are falling," she says. Meanwhile, Dev Patel's Neal has incredible foresight when it comes to Occupy Wall Street, and is eventually going to get arrested, and John Gallagher Jr.'s Jim is off to cover the Romney campaign and flirt with a Streep daughter. Aside from that, there's a nude-photo scandal involving Olivia Munn's Sloan, and a story involving a "massive war crime." (Does it involve drones, perhaps?) 

Are you ready? Because Aaron Sorkin has some major historial proselytizing for you.  

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