A New 'Salinger' Trailer Hints at Big Revelations

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We expect some big revelations from Shane Salerno's Salinger documentary. A new trailer for the film doesn't quite tell us what those are, but with a focus on topics like the mystery of why Salinger stopped publishing, his time in World War II, and his private relationships, it does portend big things. Talking heads range from some seemingly random inclusions, like Danny DeVito, to those that make more sense like former-lover Joyce Maynard. 

The documentary has been in the works for nine years, and Michael Cieply reported in the New York Times back in May that there have been questions about how to market it, even for master-marketer Harvey Weinstein. "Moviegoers will be kept intentionally in the dark about what new information Mr. Salerno might have about the reclusive writer’s life — Mr. Salinger’s son, Matthew, challenges the notion that anyone close to his father in recent decades cooperated — and the Weinstein Company will have to strike a delicate balance in its marketing," Cieply wrote

Ultimately, the whole trailer, with its dramatic music and portentous claims, comes off almost like The Da Vinci Code of Salinger. It may be heavy handed, but we're left wanting to know what Salerno knows. 

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