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In case the first one wasn't long enough for you, the second installment of Peter Jackson's unnecessarily stretched-out Hobbit trilogy is due out in December, and the trailer for The Desolation of Smaug is out today. Ultimately, this preview serves to prove just how much Jackson had to extend Tolkien's slight book to make a movie trilogy. For instance, we see a lot of Orlando Bloom's Legolas—who, you know, wasn't even in the text

But you've got to wait until the very end of the trailer for the big reveal of what we're really all here to see: Smaug, the titular dragon, who is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. And, you know, we don't get to see that much. What we do get to see of the dragon? Yeah, it kind of reminds us of Shrek. So sue us.

But still! We're excited to see what Cumberbatch does since a) we believe he can probably do anything and b) he recently told Vulture: "It was publicized that I 'voice' Smaug, and I thought, Fucking hell. My voice, my motions—I worked my ass off to create that dragon!" 

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