Neil Patrick Harris's Next Big Move

Today show business news: Doogie is donning a wig on the White Way, the Boy Meets World update is a go, and there will be many more Amazing Spider-Man movies. Also: Gosling.

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Today show business news: Doogie is donning a wig on the White Way, the Boy Meets World update is a go, and there will be many more Amazing Spider-Man movies. Also: Gosling.

When his long-running, surprise-hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother ends this upcoming season, four-time Tonys host Neil Patrick Harris will finally get his chance to return to the proper Broadway stage. So what's he doing, some screwball comedy? A musical farce? A talky drama by Richard Greenberg or something? Well, no. He's doing Hedwig and the Angry Inch. As in he'll be playing the transgender rock singer from Berlin created by downtown theater artist and director John Cameron Mitchell. Famously, brilliantly created by John Cameron Mitchell, I should mention. So... that is ambitious, for Neil Patrick Harris! To be fair, he did play the Emcee in Cabaret to some acclaim, but that was ten years ago, before there was all this expectation about Neil Patrick Harris. Now there's this scrutiny and, I dunno, those are big glittery boots to fill. Can we really see him singing this effectively? Maybe, maybe not. But we'll find out soon enough either way! In related news, can't wait for Josh Radnor's production of Woyzeck! [New York Times]

Well, it's official. The Disney Channel has ordered the Boy Meets World update Girl Meets World to series, which is about Corey and Topanga having a kid and living in New York City. Gone is the blue-ish collar Philadelphia setting, they're in Manhattan now. Corey is his daughter Riley's (ugh, Riley) history teacher while Topanga, um, "owns a trendy afterschool hangout that specializes in pudding." She peddles pudding to children. Great. This is a Disney Channel show, may I remind you, so the premise was always going to be ridiculous. Riley has a best friend named Maya who I guess is the Shawn of this show. Weird old vizier Mr. Feeny is said to be making some kind of return, but in what capacity we don't know. Maybe Riley and Maya learn an important lesson about death? That seems like it could be distinctly likely. Anyway, enjoy the show, kids who are in no way old enough to even remotely remember the original! [Deadline]

Sony has announced the release dates for the third and fourth Amazing Spider-Man movies. But wait, you might say, the second one hasn't even come out yet! Which is true, not until next summer, but the first one was a big enough hit that Sony didn't want to wait. So they've gone ahead and scheduled movies three and four, which will be released on June 10, 2016 and May 4, 2018, respectively. Eesh. 2018?? We're all going to be so old. Kids starting eighth grade this fall will be starting college. Not to mention, Andrew Garfield (and, ahem, some others of us) will be 35 (or almost 35, in his case). That's a lot of time! But I guess they feel confident enough in the franchise to plan ahead. And to make us all existentially horrified by the horrible, inevitable passing of time. [Entertainment Weekly]

Ryan Gosling has found the lead for his directorial debut movie How to Catch a Monster. He's tapped young Scottish actor Iain De Caestecker, the glory of Glasgow, to play the son of Christina Hendricks's character, and "a loner with an active imagination who is the catalyst for this film." Aha. That's a big deal for the lad. He also recently landed a series regular role on ABC's big S.H.I.E.L.D. show. Deadline says he booked that gig on his very first trip to Los Angeles! Strange for such a homely young man to have so much sudden success. It's a strange business, though. Odd things happen. [Deadline]

Jennifer Lopez has signed on to be one of the stars of The 33, based on the real-life Chilean mining disaster/miracle. She'll star alongside Antonio Banderas and Rodrigo Santoro as miners, and Martin Sheen as one of the miners' fathers. But who will Lopez play? It does not say. A miner? No, I don't think she will be a miner. That's not exactly how Chile, or really mining in general, works. There are some women in mining, but not many. Especially not in Chile. So, she's probably playing someone else. My question at this point: Will this movie be in Spanish? It's a Spanish-speaking director and scriptwriting team, so who knows. That would be interesting. Either way, this is a fascinating story that could make for a good movie. Or a corny movie. Who knows at this point? Much like being in a mine, we're in the dark. Haha, mine jokes. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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