Here Is Naomi Watts in All Her Princess Diana Glory (or Is It Tina Brown?)

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The first look at the upcoming movie Diana—which is, yes, about Princess Diana and stars Naomi Watts—has everything you might expect from a Diana biopic. There will be beautiful gowns. There will be tabloids. There will be humanitarianism. And Watts's look is pretty spot-on, right down to that perfectly feathered mane, as long as you ignore the uncanny resemblance to Diana fanatic and Newsweek/Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. The Watts-as-Di-as-Brown thing is by no means a new revelation—as soon as pictures of her in character started emerging, people started to make the connection

Watts will likely be campaigning for an Oscar for this role when it debuts later this year, but she will have to go up against her friend Nicole Kidman, who is playing another famously doomed real life princess in Grace of Monaco. Harvey Weinstein is already campaigning for Kidman.    

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