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While early rumors pointed to "Kaidence Donda West," the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's new child might be a win for wordplay lovers everywhere: North West.  

That, granted, is according to TMZ, who claim to have seen the birth certificate. As the tabloid notes,  North West was the only directional territory that made sense, if the couple had indeed committed to taking advantage of Kanye's last name: "West West is redundant ... South West is an airline ... and East West leads to nowhere." 

The pros for the rumored name are as infinite as the imagination. Among the cons, however, is the possibility that it's not true. For one thing, "North" doesn't start with "K," unless it's both silent and invisible. And for another thing, as Buzzfeed flagged, Kim specifically said she wouldn't name her kid "North" last March. Instead, she prefers "Easton:" 

If nothing else, the rumor will give us a bounty of Twitter quips: 

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