'Mad Men' Is No Match for a Flying Wallenda

Today in show business news: The Grand Canyon tightrope walk was a ratings winner, so was Mad Men, and the Carver twins book some more work.

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Today in show business news: The Grand Canyon tightrope walk was a ratings winner, so was Mad Men, and the Carver twins book some more work.

Last night, two crazy things happened: Don got sorta-fired from his ad agency on the season finale of Mad Men, and a guy walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. In real life, on live television. Both were big TV events, and both were successes in their own right. But Mad Men was no competition for Skywire Live. OK, so they weren't really on at the same time (there was a minute or so of overlap), but with 2.7 million viewers for Mad Men versus the 13 million for Skywire, the tightrope show wins no matter what. They should do more live events like this, don't you think? It feels like entertainment from an older time somehow. Older than Mad Men's time, even. And clearly people like it. There was the Red Bull space jump thing which everyone was really into, and now there's this. More! More death-defying things, please. They're much more exciting than a buncha jerks yelling in an office, that's for sure. Come on, stunt people. Do some more stunts. [The Hollywood ReporterThe Hollywood Reporter]

Interesting. The Carver twins, meaning young actors Charlie and Max, are two hunks who are currently hunking around on hit hunk show Teen Hunk Wolf. But are they long for that supernatural world? Perhaps not, as they've both just been cast in HBO's post-Rapture pilot The Leftovers, alongside Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler, among others. That's a big gig for them and might mean that they're just one-seasoners on TW. Which would be fine. They haven't really done much of anything, have they? I know the one is supposed to get in a gay romance with some other hunk, so that's gonna happen, but beyond that? I'd say better to be on an HBO pilot starring famous people and directed by Damon Lindelof than wearing no shirt on Teen Wolf, which isn't a bad show, but is, y'know Teen Wolf. Good on you, lads. Nicely booked. Though, being that you're gaining some steam and are now in your mid-20s, maybe consider doing some gigs on your own? I don't know. Could be an interesting experience. Doing a job alone. Or not. Who really cares. Do whatever you want. Hunks rule the world. [Deadline]

Seven years after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival to some fanboy acclaim, the horror movie All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is finally getting an American release. This is the movie that kicked off Amber Heard's (not so illustrious, admittedly) career and marked a turning point for director Jonathan Levine, who went on to direct 50/50 and Warm Bodies. It was a buzzed-about movie in its day but it never got a release here for various silly distribution reasons. But now it will finally be available to the American public (it came out in England years ago) On Demand on September 6, followed by a theatrical run of some sort beginning on October 11. So how about that. After all those years of patient waiting, we finally get to see this incredibly violent horror film about young people killing each other. At long last! [Deadline]

Ohhh boy. Here is a new trailer for the just-retitled Adore. That's the one with Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as best friends who end up boinking each other's ludicrously handsome twentysomething sons (Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville). Obviously some major complications arise and everyone is pained and angry and from the looks of it really horny all the time. I don't know. This movie could be ridiculous and awful or it could be kind of great. Whatever it is, good for Naomi and Robin. Right? Good for them for doing this movie and going on with their bad selves. Why not film a sexy movie in paradise about making time with young surf gods? Who cares! So what? Good for you, ladies. May others use it as an example. If there's not a movie about Nicole Kidman boffing Colton Haynes or some fool by this time next year, I will be disappointed in her.

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