Leo's Lush Life Does Not Stop for Middle Age

Today in celebrity news: Leonardo DiCaprio is still a party animal, Kanye steps out for the first time post-North, and Paula Deen loses another deal.

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Page Six does us the service this morning of giving us an update on the wild playboy life of one Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, philanthropist, model collector, partyman. He's been tearing around New York this week, making a show at 1Oak in Chelsea on Tuesday night, surrounded by a bevy of blondes. (I feel like he is never not surrounded by a bevy of blondes?) He was there for the fifth annual "Michael Jackson Remember the Time" party, an event marking the death of the pop singer. The party involved MJ impersonators wearing single gloves. Which... Huh. If you guys decide to hold a memorial/party for me in a nightclub every year, please don't have impersonators. I just think that's weird. Anyway, the party went til 5 a.m., which is awfully late, especially for a 38-year-old! Leo was then seen the next day at Marina at Pier 57, also in Chelsea, but this time he was just having an iced coffee and, I dunno, probably staring out at the river, thinking about time. DiCaprio was seen on Monday looking at $25 million apartments in a new building on Madison Square, so he could soon become much more of a city fixture than he already is. Lotta late nights! Get ready for it, blondes of New York. And be sure to check your mail for your summonses. Should you be picked to join the bevy, you're required to do three days, and then you're not eligible again in the state of New York for three years. (By then you'll be too old anyway.) [Page Six]

Kanye West has been spotted out and about for the first time since baby North was born. Was he clubbing like crazy, throwing surprise concerts and awing the world with various tracks from Yeezus? Well, no. He was walking in a parking lot with Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian's mom. Just the two of them, out on some kind of errand, looking grumpy. They are probably looking grumpy because there are a million cameras in their faces, and normally I would be a little queasy about an "article" that's just about a paparazzi shot, but don't these two sort of court that kind of attention? Kris certainly does, and Kanye... I mean, it's Kanye West. The man invites it. He does. So, grumpy they may be, but oh well. That's the life they've chosen. Anyway, look at that. Kanye West out on an errand with his sort of mother-in-law. Everyone can be normal sometimes, can't they. [Us Weekly]

Paula Deen hasn't technically been dropped from home shopping channel QVC, they're just taking a break. A Ross and Rachel break! See, in the wake of her whole racist remark scandal, Deen has been dropped from many of her sponsorship deals — Smithfield Ham, Novo Nordisk, Amalgamated Butter, Professor J.J. McTubbins's Grease Hut, Ann Taylor Loft. But QVC was kinda holding out, not saying one way or the other. Well, now that everyone else is pulling out, QVC is in fact ceasing their relationship, for the time being. They've issued a statement, saying "Some of you may wonder whether this is a 'forever' decision – whether we are simply ending our association with Paula. We don’t think that’s how relationships work. People deserve second chances. And we always strive to do the right thing." Haha, OK. So they fired her. They're done. That's a nice way of putting it, but that's a firing. Sigh. Paula. Poor Paula. I guess she'll have to comfort herself with her very strong book sales. [TMZ]

There's a royal fashion exhibit opening at Kensington Palace next week (July 4 to be exact — way to stick it to the Americans) and included in the collection of garments worn by the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret is a blue dress worn by Princess Diana. The dress is, as People magazine giddily tells us, on loan from People magazine. Which... what? Why does People magazine own one of Diana's dresses? It was bought before she died so it's a little less ghoulish than it could be, but still. What on Earth is People magazine doing with one of Princess Diana's dresses?? That is very strange, don't you think? I mean the woman was ultimately killed in a paparazzi chase and People magazine, whether they like it or not, is involved in that industry. So to then proudly crow about how they creepily own one of her dresses? Bizarre. Very bizarre. [People]

Madonna, 54, is still dating her model boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, 25. The two were seen having dinner together in Williamsburg on Wednesday night, a "spy" telling Page Six that they "kiss[ed] a few times" and that he had his arm around her. The spy then went on to recount how halfway through the meal some of Madonna's bones fell out but that Zaibat considerately picked them up and put them back in. Love! [Page Six]

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