It's a Girl for Kim and Kanye

Today in celebrity news: The Kimye baby's sex is revealed, Sean Parker had his fabulous faerie wedding, and Channing Tatum is a dad. 

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It was revealed on the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night that Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting a baby girl, ending months of speculation about the gender of the already very famous baby. Kardashian said on the show that she and West had been hoping for a girl, because "Like, who doesn't want a girl? They're the best." So that's good! Good to get what they want. Now of course the big question becomes what are they going to name the child. Something grand, I hope. Something with a K, I'd have to imagine. Kymbalta. Krymberlee. Khrysanthemum. Koreatown. Kanye. There are so many options! I mean, I guess they could also go with Sue or Jane or something like that, but that doesn't really seem like their style, does it? No, I think we can all start to get pretty excited about little Kyrgyzstan. [Us Weekly]

Sean Parker has had his magical wedding! The $10 million affair, for which every guest was given a costume designed by the Lord of the Rings costume designer, went down in Big Sur this weekend. There were some 300 guests at the Napster and Facebook billionaire's big party, some bold-faced names among them. Sting was there to sing the couple a song. Hopefully a mystical Game of Thrones-inspired song, as that seemed to be the theme of the wedding. There was also Cory Booker, Allison Williams, Sean Lennon, Olivia Munn, and Harmione herself, Emma Watson. Yup, all those people were there. Wearing costumes. Let's not forget that about this wedding. When Sting sang to the couple? He was wearing a costume that had been designed for him for the wedding. Emma Watson sat and watched the wedding while wearing some kind of costume. As did Olivia Munn. And Cory Booker. The mayor of Newark wore a costume at a wedding in Big Sur this weekend, guys. That's a pretty important fact if you ask me. Imagine introducing yourself around at the reception. "Hey I'm Cory, mayor of Newark. I like your costume. We're all wearing costumes." Some people have too much money, I think. [Page Six]

Also getting hitched this weekend was John McCain's son Jack, who married his bride Renee Swift in San Francisco. Both Jack and Renee are in the Air Force, he on active duty, she in the reserves. The elder McCain tweeted a couple pictures of the shindig, including one of him giving a toast at the long table where I guess the reception was held. Unfortunately no one is in costume, but I guess not every wedding can be a magical fantasy costume party. Some weddings are just boring old weddings. You know, the unremarkable wedding of a hugely powerful senator's son. Ho hum. [Us Weekly]

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan have welcomed their first child into the world. The baby was born in London, where Tatum is filming the Wachowskis' new movie, so I guess it's a Brit. "Chip chip old pop, you look like a right pile of mutton, you do. You're a regular Meathenge, aren't ye?" You know, saying sassy British things like that to its father. "Blimey, dad, you're like Big Ben, if Big Ben was made of veal." Though I guess most likely the kid, whose name and gender we don't yet know, will probably be taken back to America and raised as a regular American kid. "Yo dad, you look like one those big turkey legs they sell at Disney World came to life." Same message, different medium, I guess. [People]

It's always nice to see a community coming together, even if that community is Justin Bieber's neighbors and they're coming together to collectively not pay their home association fees unless the homeowners association finally does something about the tiny Canadian menace. See, they all live in a gated community together and it's been hell having this raging teen making such a racket, from driving around at dangerously high speeds to loud parties (even when Bieber isn't there — curse you, Lil' Twist!). So 500 of them are saying that they won't pay their monthly $1,000 payments until Bieber is punished or sanctioned or rolled out of town on a railcar like a good old fashioned banishing. Oh Bieber. Why must you cause so much trouble. It's almost as if he's a 19-year-old boy with millions of dollars and very little oversight who has dozens of people catering to his every need and whim every day. It really seems like that sometimes. [TMZ]

Taylor Swift is also making a neighborhood angry. It seems that her security personnel have been very rude to a volunteer group that was trying to clean the beach near her palatial $17 million Rhode Island mansion. See they were making their way down the beach, cleaning up beer bottles and whatnot from a popular teen and surfer hangout, when a bunch of Swift's security guys told them they were walking on private property and that they should buzz off. That is wrong. You can't just move into a place and start having hired goons chase people off the beach. Especially if they're just trying to clean it. I mean shouldn't Taylor Swift, purveyor of summery teen melancholy as she is, understand the importance of a beach hangout where the high school kids go to drink beer under a shimmery moon, the ocean limitless but near, the sand cool and comforting? That seems like a Taylor Swift-y kind of place, way more than a $17 million mansion, anyway. So she should tell her security guys to go easy. The teens party, other people clean up after them, and that's just how that works. Let the cycle flow, Taylor. You'll be OK. No one's come to bother you, they're just trying to keep things going the only way they know how. [Radar]

Charice, the Filipina singer who became a viral sensation years ago when her performance on a reality show in the Philippines was posted on the Internet, has come out as a lesbian. She'd been seen lately sporting a more butch style, leading to speculation and the eventual confirmation. So that's interesting! I mean, she's 21 now, so she would certainly know by now. The reaction seems mostly positive from what I can tell, which is nice. I mean, many of her American fans know her partly from Glee, so they're not likely the types to get upset about a gay person being gay. Good for her! Now we just await some kind of announcement from Susan Boyle. Not about being a lesbian, but some sort of announcement. I mean, it's been a while, hasn't it? [Towleroad]

Is Jesse Eisenberg being really rude in this junket interview or is it the interviewer who's being unprofessional? She says that Eisenberg was a jerk and it certainly looks like he was a jerk, but she edited the video, so who knows. And Eisenberg certainly has a lot of defenders if the comments on the interviewer's blog are any indication. Though many of them are really condescending and vaguely misogynistic, calling her princess and mentioning her looks more often than not. Really, I think the biggest takeaway from this is that no matter what, no matter who is or isn't being a jerk, junket interviews are the absolute worst. But if Eisenberg is being a prick? May I remind him that he was being interviewed for the silly magicians movie Now You See Me. So, calm down, guy. [Fish Wrapper]

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