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We're a week away from having the potential album of the summer come out and, apparently, it's not even finished yet. Kanye West's albums still wasn't completed as of last week because he was reworking new songs, ones he sang last night during his Governor's Ball performance. 

The New York Post's Page Six reports Kanye West's new album Yeezus was unfinished as of last week, despite it's looming release next Tuesday, June 18. Yes, West was still working on the album that's supposed to press and ship by next week, and he brought in Def Jam founder and hip-hop legend Rick Rubin to help finalize things after "early releases got mixed reviews." The other problem holding the album back was the new song "Onsite." The song was supposed to sample vocals from Chicago's Holy Name of Mary Church children's choir but record executives couldn't get the sample cleared on time. They rerecorded the choir vocals themselves to avoid dealing with the hassle. 

So that was the last week in Kanye West's life, along with some birthday celebrations with Jay-Z, which all led up to last night's performance at New York City's Governor's Ball festival. Based on reviews of his performance on the Internet and people we spoke with who were there, the performance was so-so. West did touch on his struggle with the album during the performance. "You know with this album, we ain’t drop no single for radio, we ain’t got no big NBA campaign or nothing like that. Shit we ain’t got no cover... we just made some real music," he said during the rant portion of his "Clique" performance. (It's something of a show staple now.) 

He also performed the new version of "Onsite." He had only performed it once before last night, at the Cartoon Network upfronts, when the song was still untitled for the general public. You can compare the two performances if you're so inclined. Last night at Governor's Ball: 

And at Cartoon Network: 

We're now a week away from the album coming out and there's no video, no single and, most importantly, no leaks yet. Maybe he's doing something right leaving everything to the last minute. 

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