'Jurassic Park 4' Is Back On

Today in show business news: Jurassic Park 4 lives again, Pacific Rim may live again too, and Liv Tyler heads to TV.

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Today in show business news: Jurassic Park 4 lives again, Pacific Rim may live again too, and Liv Tyler heads to TV.

Mr. Hammond, I think Jurassic Park 4 is back in business. The production was put on hold just last month, sparking rumors that the project was done for good, but now it appears to be back on. Movie site Coming Soon says that Universal is now planning to release the film sometime in 2015, in 3D. Colin Trevorrow is still attached as director, and the film is still a prequel about how the dinosaurs met in college. Looking forward to it! [Coming Soon]

Elsewhere in the world of big things lumbering around, the robot vs. monster actioner Pacific Rim, which comes out next month, will get a sequel if Guillermo del Toro has anything to say about it. He's got plans for a followup and is working on a pitch, so I guess he just spoiled the fact that all of the monsters aren't definitively killed by the end of the first one. Thanks a lot, Guillermo. This is like the time I accidentally told my friend the entire ending of Pan's Labyrinth because I'd had a couple glasses of wine and felt talkative. Spoilers stink! And now Guillermo himself has given us a big one. They don't kill all the monsters beyond the shadow of a doubt at the end of Pacific Rim. Unless the sequel is about different monsters, or del Toro meant prequel and it's about how the monsters met in college. But if it's neither of those things, then yeah. All the monsters aren't dead. [Deadline]

This is a funny news story. Because on the one hand whatever sweaty, dystopian novel-obsessed teen you know (hopefully they are your teen or a sibling or friend's teen, otherwise you really shouldn't know any teens) will be very excited to hear that the all-important role of Chancellor Ava Paige in the movie adaptation of The Maze Runner has been cast. But on the other hand, the person cast is Patricia Clarkson and, while she is great, I'm just not sure how many teens, sweaty or not, really care about Patricia Clarkson. Maybe get the teen to watch this and then give them the news. They might be more excited that way. But only do that if you know the teen. Don't just show some random teen that video. That wouldn't end well I don't think. [Entertainment Weekly]

Liv Tyler has been cast as the lady lead in the big Damon Lindelof HBO pilot The Leftovers. That's the one based on the Tom Perrotta novel about the post-Rapture world. Tyler will play "a young woman on the verge of getting married, but needing an escape." She joins co-lead Justin Theroux along with Christopher Eccleston, Compliance standout Ann Dowd, and recent Tony nominee Carrie Coon. This is nice for Liv Tyler! She's been sorta off the radar for a bit, huh? Well here she is now, getting in on the prestige TV game. I mean, potentially. This is just a pilot, remember. HBO hasn't agreed to anything. But come on, it's gotta go to series, doesn't it? This is a hot literary property with big names involved. They'd never pass on something like that. I mean, not twice, anyway. [Deadline]

Here is a new international trailer for the upcoming YA fantasy adventure thing The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. We don't see anything all that new, but for you Mortal Instruments obsessives out there, this will probably excite in some way. That teen, the one who likes Maze Runner, they'll be excited about it probably. Show the teen. Always show the teen.

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