The Joy of Actors Talking About Acting

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Have you got an hour, or possibly several hours to spare? Would you like to listen to highly paid actors yammer on about their "craft"? Well then you need to watch yourself one of, or all of, The Hollywood Reporter's consistently fascinating actor roundtable videos. It's hard to articulate what exactly makes them so interesting — I guess it's something about a bunch of famous people in one room talking in what seems to be a pretty candid manner — but for anyone who's interested in actors and acting, Hollywood acting at least, roundtable season is a great time of year.

Well, it actually comes twice a year. The real big names show up for the Oscars roundtable interviews, around when Oscar nominations are coming out. THR gathers six or so of the potential nominees and has them sit and talk for an hour about life and work. Then in the summer, like right now, the small screen stars collide in anticipation of Emmy nominations. The most recent video posted is the Comedy Actors Roundtable, with some interesting bits about Friends regret from Matthew Perry and Fred Armisen talking about a loaf of bread, but the recent standout is the Drama Actress Roundtable. It's great for several reasons, but most of all for revealing Monica Potter, from Parenthood, to be a hilariously down-to-Earth regular lady who finds all this Hollywood stuff pretty silly.

That's the odd joy of these videos, getting a glimpse of the real person behind all the lights and sorta hackneyed interview questions. Nothing profound is ever shared, but there's something undeniably compelling about these hour-long, borderline self-serious videos. Give one a watch and thank me many, many hours later.

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