Jon Stewart May or May Not Be with Edward Snowden Right Now

A bearded Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night, albeit via Skype to check in on his temporary replacement John Oliver, with a few words about his and the NSA leaker's whereabouts.

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A bearded Jon Stewart joined John Oliver on Skype to start off The Daily Show last night to congratulate Oliver and reveal that he may or may not be "hanging out with Edward Snowden in an underground bunker."

Stewart is, of course, in the Middle East to make his debut film, Rosewater. Initially the ratings for Oliver, his correspondent turned summer hosting replacement, remained steady, but Stewart's check-in also served as a reminder to fans not to abandon their show.

While Stewart said Oliver is doing a "phenomenal" job, he added that he doesn't always watch because "it's too weird, it's like watching someone have sex with your wife's desk." But he really started to get homesick when Oliver mentioned that back in America, The Daily Show team was playing softball with the Mets, and getting concerts from Bruce Springsteen and checkups from a doctor. "I wanna come home," Stewart shrieked.

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