John Oliver Is Getting the Hang of 'The Daily Show' Desk

And on his third day as temporary anchor, John Oliver was unequivocally funny.

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And on the third day as The Daily Show's temporary anchor, John Oliver was unequivocally funny. Perhaps getting over some of the first and second night jitters, Oliver's third go-around was old-school Daily Show style amusing. Though he at times still referenced Stewart's absence—"Hey, boss, yeah, the show's going OK, on the other hand I think the country might be completely falling apart"—Oliver left behind the attitude that he was a foreigner who isn't supposed to be in this spot.

For the rest of the opening, which focused on the whistleblowers in the news, he bantered with the audience, which groaned when he mimicked an "asthmatic kitten," and mocked pundits like Joe Scarborough, who called NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a "weasel." "I don't think I would be so quick to jump to the argument that he must be what he looks like," Oliver said. "Especially not when what you look like is the guy in the frat house who can get you roofies."

See the first part of that segment here:

And the second:

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