What's to Become of 'Dumb & Dumber'?

Today in show-business news: The Dumb & Dumber project hits a major snag, Josh Gad books another role, and Michael Cera goes bad.

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Today in show-business news: The Dumb & Dumber project hits a major snag, Josh Gad books another role, and Michael Cera goes bad.

Fans of Dumb & Dumber, wherever they are, got some sad news last night when it was announced that Warner Bros. has put the long-planned sequel, Dumb & Dumber To, into turnaround. A pretty major setback. But those Harry and Lloyd loyals shouldn't give up all hope. The Farrelly Brothers are still hoping to do the project elsewhere, and Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are still, in theory, attached. Warner. Bros will allow the movie to try to find another home, and hopefully they will. I mean, hopefully to Dumb & Dumber fans. Which I can't imagine is that many people at this point. The movie came out 19 years ago, and its name was later sullied by a terrible prequel. All told, Warner Bros. is probably being prudent here. Sure, sure, Jim Carrey could have used a boost after Mr. Popper's Penguins and the disastrous Burt Wonderstone, so it's pretty bad news for him, but otherwise the studio was just doing the rational thing. Maybe some other studio will see the benefit of continuing the grand Dumb & Dumber story, but wariness is to be expected. Because 1994 was a long time ago. A lot's changed. Jeff Daniels is a serious newsman now, for crying out loud. [Variety]

Speaking of potentially doomed comedy duos, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are teaming up to do a movie together. Yes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the untitled film is about "a man named Jimmy (Hart) who provides best man services for men who don't have best friends. Groom Doug (Gad) is a socially awkward guy who finds himself without a best man. He makes up not only a best man, but nine groomsmen, and eventually seeks out Jimmy's help to create his fictional friends." Huh. Josh Gad playing "a socially awkward guy." How shocking. Isn't this just Hitch but with friends? Sort of? Friends Hitch. Hitch Friends. I don't know guys. Kevin Hart is fine, but Josh Gad has... perhaps worn out his welcome, let's say. Dan Foglered himself, perhaps. Maybe others feel differently, but that's just how I see it. But who knows. Maybe this will be great! Stranger things have happened. Dumber things, too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

History's popular scripted series Vikings is adding two new strongmen to its cast for season two. They've tapped Law & Order: Original Formula veteran Linus Roache to play Ecbert, King of Wessex, a noble ruler you can read about here. Meanwhile, Alexander Ludwig, the little boy from Race to Witch Mountain who reappeared in The Hunger Games as a towering, terrifying hunk, will play a "bold warrior son" on the side of the vikings. Which sounds like appropriate casting. Ludwig looks like a cheesy modern-day version of a viking "warrior son," right? Put some old furs and funny helmet on him and he'll fit in just right. Well done on both accounts, Vikings. Now I just have to find History on my cable guide and remember to watch. [The Hollywood Report]

Here's an interesting thing. Michael Cera, little Snoopy kid from Arrested Development and various twee indie comedies, is in a Chilean-set thriller in which he plays one of a group of sadists torturing poor Juno Temple with hypnotism. That is a pretty big leap for him. Will it work? Hard to say from this brief but somewhat spooky clip, but I am really curious to find out. Comedy actors going dark and serious is always fascinating. Good luck, Mr. Cera.

And here's a teaser trailer for the inevitable Lifetime Jodi Arias movie, which assumes her guilt even though I'd have to imagine it was filmed before the guilty verdict came in. Or maybe they just filmed it really quickly right after the verdict was read. Either way, Lifetime will never stop making this kind of movie. And I don't think people want them to.

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