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On last night's Daily Show, John Oliver nearly fell into temptation. You see, Sarah Palin returned to Fox & Friends yesterday, and she said a number of ridiculous things. Oliver almost didn't know where to start, but then he realized something: "F--k it. This is exactly what she wants. Just because I walked into a turd supermarket doesn't mean I have to buy anything." 

So, Oliver created a new segment—"Wait a second, we can just ignore her"—which he announced to large applause. "We can respond to her obvious trolling with a series of insulting jokes and maybe together enjoy a brief moment of catharsis," he explained. "Or we can just f--king ignore her. I promise America it will feel so good. It will be like we give our brains an enema together."

Oliver knows this won't be easy, but it's important advice.  


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