'The Daily Show' Turns Obama into the Frodo Baggins of Russian Diplomacy

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Last night John Oliver explained on The Daily Show how President Obama is seeking love in foreign places, but he's not getting any from Russian leaders, with whom recent U.S. presidents have been known to pal around. Why? Well, aside from their disagreements over Syria, it may have to do with Putin's slippery fingers with a Super Bowl ring

"For president Obama to capture the energy and enthusiasm that he's lost, and harness the power of the office necessary, to face down America's greatest challenges over the next few years, there is one thing he must do," Oliver explained. "Mr. President, you must seek the ring. You must find the precious. One ring to rule them all! One ring! And Mr. President look at me whatever you do do not let Joe Biden put that ring on his finger." 

So that would mean Obama is Frodo, Putin is Sauron, Russia is Mordor, and Biden is Samwise Gamgee. Right? Okay. 


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