'The Daily Show' Does The 'Schoolhouse Rock' Version of Immigration Reform

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Last night John Oliver, pointing out that he was an immigrant himself, took on the Senate's attempt to pass an immigration reform bill. But he knows that the bill, with its sad looking Schoolhouse Rock face, will have a pretty hard time becoming a law. 

"Currently it's living in the land of bills"—that, as Oliver's map showed, is Mexico—"but it's yearning for a for a better life as a law. It pays it's hard earned political capital to a gang of not entirely reliable coyotes to cross the legislative desert through swarms of deadly amendments, only to have to navigate the perilous waters of a fetid river of debate, hoping it can evade the dreaded filibuster patrol." 

Which is a lot different than the Schoolhouse Rock version we remembered. And of course this bill has to get through the "thousand foot high border fence built out of ignorance and spite" that is the House. 


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