Charlie Sheen Goes to War Again

Today in celebrity gossip: Charlie Sheen is having another on-set issue, Channing Tatum shows off his new kid, and Kate Moss is going nude. 

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Oh dear. Charlie Sheen is angry again, this time at his Anger Management co-star Selma Blair. TMZ reports that after finding out that Blair had been bad-mouthing his work ethic to the show's producers, Sheen has refused to appear on set today if Blair is there. He also claimed to staffers that he'd fired Blair, though it's unclear if he actually has the power to do that. So, another television show, another Charlie Sheen problem. He seems like a great guy, doesn't he? Always making a work environment so pleasant. Should Blair be bounced from the show, TMZ says Sheen's got a sweet backup plan: have Mila Kunis come on for 10 episodes and pay her a million dollars for each one. Right, because it already makes so much sense that Selma Blair would sleep with Charlie Sheen that it's only natural that Mila Kunis would want to too. At the bottom of TMZ's post they have a video clip of a scene of Charlie and Selma in bed together, and it's hard not to get day-terrors from imagining poor Selma having to film that scene. At least they don't kiss! It is very gross to imagine kissing Charlie Sheen. Blood and wet cigarettes, right? With some weird minty gums medicine taste or something too? Ick. ICK. Have to stop thinking about it. Charlie Sheen. Eesh. [TMZ]

Phew, on to something sweet and cute. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum have released the first photo of their new baby Everly Tatum, a little girl who was born on May 31. (Welcome to the May 31 birthday club, kid.) Channing posted a photo of the family on Instagram yesterday, saying "First Father's Day with my girls!" So that's nice, isn't it? The happy new family. Of course eventually young Everly will grow up and someone will show her how her parents met, she will see her father doing his b-boy street moves, and she will wonder what this life is all about when you come from such a place. But for now things are good and happy and pure. Enjoy it, you three, the world being perfect for right now. [Us Weekly]

Kate Moss, the reason a lot of women (and men) felt bad about themselves in the '90s, will pose for Playboy in honor of the magazine's 60th anniversary, and Moss's 40th birthday. She'll be on the cover of the magazine's January issue, though the shoot has apparently already taken place. Isn't that something? As Page Six reminds us, Moss has done nude photo work before, but never for something as overt as Playboy. She joins a long list of celebrities who've posed for the magazine before, among them Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger, Shannen Doherty, Joey Heatherton, and of course Carnie Wilson. Noble company! Mostly it's nice that Kate Moss is still relevant. Makes the '90s not seem quite so far away, doesn't it? [Page Six]

If Abigail Breslin wins the Golden Globe and the Oscar for her performance in the upcoming August: Osage County, she'll get $100,000. See, like many stars before her, she has a clause in her contract that gives her a $50,000 bonus per big award, on top of her $75,000 salary for what TMZ claims was only two weeks of work. That's good incentive to work hard, isn't it? Seems like kind of a longshot given that it's a pretty small part, but who knows! She could soon be a 17-year-old with another hundred thousand dollars. (I'm assuming she already has many hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point?) Let's all wish that for her. [TMZ]

Here is a story about how Alec Baldwin tried to use a special bathroom while at a Broadway show but was told he had to use the regular person bathroom so he went downstairs and got in line with the hoi polloi. He fiddled on his phone while people stared at him. His wife was allowed to use the special bathroom, but only because she is pregnant. Baldwin was heard joking "I guess I’m not famous enough!" after being told he couldn't use the special bathroom, which is actually just the handicapped bathroom. So that is how Alec Baldwin spent a recent night, having people watch him go to the bathroom. Page Six says Baldwin's rep declined to comment on the matter, because what was there to say really? "Yes, my client went to the bathroom." I mean, what else would one say? [Page Six]

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