Can Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Videos Help Him Steal the Emmy From 'The Daily Show'?

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Last night Jimmy Kimmel released a pretty hilarious viral video on his Game Night special. It featured some of his famous friends. The video is a follow up to Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum's appearance on Kimmel's Oscar special. It makes no sense and that's kind of the point. But it is funny. The type of funny that have some saying Kimmel deserves to steal away Jon Stewart's Emmy this year. 

The Daily Show's dominance in the Emmy category for outstanding variety series is unprecedented. The show has won every year since 2003. While Bill Maher is the oft-nominated-never-won Susan Lucci of this category, as Deadline's Cari Lynn notes, Kimmel hasn't even gotten that far; Kimmel's show was only nominated in the overall category last year

But this past season was a big one for Kimmel. He moved up to the 11:35 time slot, now placing him in direct competition with Jay and Dave over on the other networks. Kimmel has long been making use of the willingness of celebrities to make themselves look like fools for him. In 2008 the show won the Emmy for outstanding original music and lyrics and an editing award for "I'm F--king Matt Damon," his collaboration with Sarah Silverman and yes, Matt Damon. 

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Damon could be Kimmel's Emmy ticket this year. Back in January, Damon "hijacked" Kimmel's show, as a culmination of a running joke that Kimmel had to bump him every night. The two are fake nemeses. Now, as Pete  Hammond of Deadline reported Monday, the show—which featured a plethora of celebrities—is  "the DVD screener producers have sent separately to Emmy voters for consideration." Though explain about how Damon would be shut out of an Emmy himself for the performance, Hammond wrote: "Certainly it is deserving of that consideration  for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series, and for writing too." 

Damon, of course, figures into the Channing Tatum video. At the end he appears in a brief cameo cursing out Kimmel. And it's this kind of random, crazy, celebrity driven humor—something that Jimmy Fallon also trades in—that could help Kimmel take the Emmy and help him establish his place as the king of late night when Fallon comes to challenge him next February. Take for instance, the reaction to the Tatum video from Vulture's Joe Adalian. 

Nominations don't come out until July 18. For now, just let Kimmel and his gang just Channing all over your Tatum.

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