Bieber's Bad Friends Caught on Tape

Today in celebrity news: Justin Bieber's marauding friends have been filmed, a Taylor Swift T-shirt causes uproar at Abercrombie, and Beyonce looked at some flowers. 

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Today in celebrity news: Justin Bieber's marauding friends have been filmed, a Taylor Swift T-shirt causes uproar at Abercrombie, and Beyonce looked at some flowers. 

TMZ finally has video of the young menaces who have been terrorizing Justin Bieber's Calabasas neighborhood. You know, Bieber's friends who are always zooming around in Justin's ridiculous fleet of expensive horseless carriages and having loud parties til all hours. Some lady caught the guys speeding past her, on a double-line stretch of road no less, and then later filmed them in their driveway, seemingly blocking them from getting through the huge gates to Justin's Chateau Frontenac away from home. So, hm, OK, Justin's friends were being dangerous in driving recklessly like that, but pulling into their driveway not letting them back up so they can get home seems like maybe taking it too far. The one Bieberite we see on camera, supposedly named Lil Za, is justifiably upset to some degree, though it's also a moment of Za being able to serve nuisance but not take it. While the lady who filmed the whole thing is probably not someone you'd want to hang out with, it is funny when she says "You're not a resident" and then Lil Za has to sadly admit "I live with Justin Bieber and you know it." Aw. He lives with Justin Bieber. And you know it, lady! While the Bieber's away, the Lils will play. (Lil Twist was in the Ferrari.) This whole ongoing thing is a ridiculous situation, one best solved by Justin Bieber calling up Jeeves or Mallory or Drummins or whatever his head butler's name is and telling him to get all these kids outta the damn house. Just clean all the kids out. Chase them from bedrooms, rush them out of the cars, check the cabinets because there might be some kids in there, root 'em out of the cellar, go sweep the act like you're looking for bats, shoo them from the swimming pool. Just get all the kids out of the house, send them scattering into the hills to figure out their own way. That's the only thing that will solve this. Like spraying for bugs. [TMZ]

After a wave of Taylor Swift fan protest, popular unattainable lifestyle purveyor Abercrombie & Fitch has pulled a T-shirt they were selling that said "# more boyfriends than t.s." on it. GET IT? "T.S." is, of course, T.S. Eliot, the American poet. A latently gay man living in repressive times, Eliot was unable to have many boyfriends. So a T-shirt mocking that sad isolation seems rather cruel. And Taylor Swift, being not only an obvious Eliot fan but a compassionate human being, urged her fans to ask Abercrombie to stop selling the T-shirt. And so they have. Well done, everyone! In honor of her fans' noble effort, Swift will be hosting a reading tour of The Waste Land in abandoned shopping malls around the country for the rest of the summer. Go! It's not to be beat. Like Gatz, except awful.[People]

Here is a funny little anecdote about Beyoncé stopping outside a bodega in Chelsea on Wednesday to smell the flowers, causing people to freak out. Well, not really freak out, some women took pictures and her bodyguards sort of objected, but it was a big deal. Oh, and, the best part! Before Beyoncé stopped smelling the flowers and got back into her SUV and zoomed away, apparently someone with an Italian accent walked by and said, "Who is this girl getting a photo with the flowers for the blogs?" !!! Ti amo, random passerby. Who is this girl getting a photo with the flowers for the blogs. Who is this girl! Getting a photo with the flowers. For the blogs. It's a beautiful, lilting question for the ages. Will we ever know? We may never know. Roberto Benigni whispers that into the night. "Who is this girl... Flowers... For the blogs..." Haunting. Evocative. Four stars. Excellent question. [Page Six]

It seems that Charlie Sheen used to have a crush on his Anger Management costar Selma Blair before he had her unceremoniously fired from the show last week. He'd seen her in Cruel Intentions, in which she plays a virginal (well, for part of the time) teenager. Then when he was casting his show he brought her up and she was cast and all was hunky dory, Sheen's affections running high, until Blair made the mistake of talking to a friend about how Sheen is constantly hours late and pulling other power moves. Somehow that friend, great friend by the way, told someone loyal to Sheen, and it got back to him. That's when the freeze-out began. He first had his and Blair's characters stop sleeping together or seeing each other or whatever they were doing on that show, and then she got fired. From love to letting her go, just like that. I've said it before, but I think in the long run Blair is better off not being on the program. So this is in some ways a good thing. But she should reevaluate, perhaps, that one friendship. Because that one friend kinda epically screwed her over. [Radar]

Celebrity banana spokeswoman and stylist Rachel Zoe is pregnant with her second project, I mean child. She and her husband of 17 years (way to go, guys!) have one son, who was born in 2011, and are now expecting another. Well it could be a girl, I suppose. Zoe seems like someone who would have only boys, but you never know. Rachel Zoe could have a daughter, and that daughter... Imagine being her friends in middle school through... forever after middle school. "Look I got this awesome new shirt this weekend!" "Did youuuu? I got all of this..." and then she pulls a lever and a trap door opens in the ceiling and piles of piles of designer clothing come raining down on them. What a nightmare for her poor friends. Or, I suppose, she could grow up to hate clothing, to wear Tevas with socks and ill-fitting pants, more concerned with hanging the lights for the school production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile than she is with fashion. I'd like to see that happen. Make that happen, fates. [Us Weekly]

Paparazzi photos are the worst and we should not support them by looking at them, but guyyys. Look at these photos of Leonardo DiCaprio riding a bike and then doing a silly walk in New York. They are so... humanizing I guess is the word? The bike ones are sorta normal, but then there's one photo of him wearing cargo shorts (which, no, men, all men, no, that is over) and slip-on shoes with white socks pulled up and he is caught in a funny pose as he walks onto the curb and it is perfectly silly. Here's Leo DiCaprio, chief constable of the Pussy Posse, dorkin' around New York. Phew. Huh? It's a relief. He's just a dude, wearing cargo shorts and big white socks. That's all. [Daily Mail]

Paparazzi videos are perhaps even worse and we really should not support them by looking at them, but guys, here is video of Miley Cyrus cussing out a paparazza (yes, they exist) who asks if she's pregnant. There's a strange satisfaction to it. I dunno. If you dare.

Haha, and here is video of Canadian actor turned rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham trying to get into the Miami Heat locker room after their big Superbasket win (I don't know) last night and getting shut the heck down. "This is for media" some door guard says, to which Aubrey replies, sorta petulantly and sorta sadly, "I am media." But, alas, he shall not pass, and so he recedes back into the crowd, looking distinctly embarrassed, while a bunch of goons behind the camera laugh. Poor Jimmy. First Rick shoots him in the hallway, and now this [via Deadspin.

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