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After a couple very early teasers reintroduced us to our beloved idiotic newsmen and didn't do much of anything else, now feast your eyes on the first full trailer for Anchorman: The Legend Continues—with, you know, footage from the actual movie, all full of Ron Burgundy and his gang as fish out of water in their new decade: the 80s. Will Ferrell's Ron is recruited to start a 24-hour news channel (expect CNN jokes to be forthcoming), and he sets out to do "the thing that God put Ron Burgundy on this Earth to do: have salon quality hair and read the news." 

Though the movie is apparently filled with cameos—Harrison Ford, for one, and even Kanye is in on the action—we only get a glimpse of a couple new faces. James Marsden, with his Prince Charming good looks, is a threat to Ron; Kristen Wiig is a deliciously weird love interest for Steve Carell's Brick. Meagan Good also features prominently, as Ron tries out cultural sensitivity and fails. It looks like her character might have a romantic relationship with Ron, so it's unclear what's going on with him and Christina Applegate's Veronica Corningstone. 

It's all set to the tune of "Don't Stop Believin'," and we won't, even though we do have some inevitable sequel worries, and even though the wait still continues until a December 20 release. You can apparently see "alternate trailer" alongside World War Z in theaters this weekend, though. 

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