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Aaron Sorkin knows a lot of people hate-watch his show The Newsroom, but he wants to change hearts and minds for Season Two. Sort of.

Lacey Rose of The Hollywood Reporter explains in their new cover story that the HBO show will have some noticeable changes when it comes back on July 14, and that Sorkin himself thinks there's a chance that he can turn around the haters. "I hope some of the people who were turned off by the show last year take a second look and maybe are a little bit happier," he told Rose. Sorkin, did, however, add a caveat: "But you're playing a dangerous game if you write to try to change people's minds." 

(We'd add that Sorkin's later comments reveal he doesn't really have a good answer for those persistent sexism criticisms: "In every episode of the show, if you believe that the show treats women badly and that the show is sexist, you can find evidence to support your theory...I just think you can find a lot more evidence that contradicts your theory." )

And The Newsroom enters its second season on awkward footing when it comes to the news media. Googling "hate watch the newsroom" gives plenty of examples, but the show, as THR's Rose reports, is making pretty significant changes. There's a new title sequence—perhaps with a little less Cronkite—and what Rose describes as "a greater focus on what's happening outside of the show's fictitious News Night broadcast and an overarching legal-based storyline that will inform the entire season." The season opens with a Newsroom-ized version of CNN and Time's Tailwind debacle, which ended in retraction. Sorkin also enlisted real-life newspeople as paid consultants, Rose reports in a separate piece, including Rick Kaplan, Chris Matthews, S.E. Cupp, Ashleigh Banfield, Leon Wieseltier, and Alex Wagner.

So maybe the haters will he happier. Now who's ready to relive the Romney campaign? 

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