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Zach Galifianakis hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time while promoting The Hangover III and turned in an absolutely brilliant performance as every over-excited Game of Thrones fan you've ever met. Also, the show destroyed Google Glass users. 

They led the show off with a pretty fantastic Jason Collins sketch. The typical hosts of Fox and Friends came out wishing everyone would shut up already about this basketball player revealing his close personal secrets. Why is that a big deal, they ask? "I prefer Asian ladies," Steve Doosey confesses. "I use prescription deodorant all over my body," Gretchen Carlson says. "I practice French kissing on my hand. Isn't that right, Jessica?" Brian Kilmeade asks. Eventually they debate what sports they thought would have a gay athlete before the NBA, and at the end Mayor Bloomberg shows up to fill out the sketch with some nice soda ban jokes they had laying around. 

The long line of Martha Stewart impressions extended to Kate MacKinnon on Saturday night, which is surely an honor considering the two women who held the torch before her are SNL hall-of-famers. The strong cast of women on the show help carry this brief but hilarious sketch home. If you don't laugh out loud when MacKinnon says "calloused hands and no debt," or "work my body," you might want to get your pulse checked. 

Zach Galifianakis put on perhaps his finest performance of the night as every Game of Thrones fan who has ever attended Comic Con. Except this time Galifianakis is on a Game of Thrones game show on E! that, as the announcer states, no one would watch unless they were home sick with teh flu. Hader hosts, again, because apparently he wrote in his contract that he had to have one game show sketch per episode this season. Galigianakis is dressed in a "children's large" dragon costume and excited to crush his competition, but Hader refuses to ask him questions directly about Game of Thrones. When Galifianakis picks geography, he gets asked for the capital of Wisconsin. (It's not "Alaska," as he guesses.) When he chooses "The Lannisters," he gets asked to explain a Roth IRA. "I wish I wasn't dressed as a dragon right now," Galifianakis says. We all do. A special someone shows up at the end of this sketch that Thrones fans will probably swoon over. And no, we're not talking about Jamie Lannister. 

The punchline in the Google Glass portion of Weekend Update is a little too accurate. When looking at most Google Glass users, how many would you bet are doing that exact thing? All of them? At least 50 percent of the them? Exactly. 

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