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Who would win a fight, Darth Vader or Doctor Who? Nerds almost saw a dream grudge match go down over the weekend when there was a flare up at a science-fiction convention in Norwich, England, when members of two rival gangs fan clubs nearly came to blows. 

It wasn't the first time the Norwich Sci-Fi Club and the Norwich Star Wars Club crossed paths, but it was probably the most heated. Police were called around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday about a disturbance at a convention put on by the Star Wars crew after Jim Poole, the Sci-Fi Club's treasurer, showed up uninvited with four of five members of his crew, two dressed as Doctor Who characters and one like Judge Dredd.

Inside the convention, they exchanged words with members of the Star Wars fans before the "dispute" was taken outside, where fisticuffs traditionally come into play. Unfortunately, there is no video of the ultimate geek gang fight, but we may not be missing much. "After a lengthy investigation, talking to witnesses and reviewing good CCTV footage, it was confirmed that there was no assault," Norwich police said

So what really happened? Poole and his friends came to the Star Wars Club's convention seeking signatures from Graham Cole and Jeremy Bullock. Cole has appeared in bit roles on Doctor Who. Bullock has, too, but his biggest claim to fame is being the guy inside the Boba Fett costume in Star Wars movies. Poole's Sci-Fi Club was accused of trying to undermine the convention over social media which led to the verbal altercation inside. The police arrived before anyone managed to throw a punch, though. "This wasn't a fight between Star Wars fans and Doctor Who fans with lightsabres and sonic screwdrivers drawn," Poole told the BBC. It's hard to brawl with costumes on.

After the police were called, and the incident made the evening news, both groups admitted their embarrassment and that they're trying to patch things up. "It's a bit sad and pathetic. We're all in the same boat. We're not in competition. We'd like to extend the hand of friendship," Poole said. "It's been blown up as if it was a fight. There was no fighting," Dominic Warner, secretary of Norwich Star Wars Club, told them. "There is no bad feeling between the two clubs."

So, fortunately, the greater question of who would win in a fight -- Vader or Doctor Who -- went unanswered that day. (Though, for the record, Vader would crush him.)

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