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The most-talked about person during last night's Billboard Music Awards wasn't a performance or musical artist—it was the fan who was on the receiving end of a Miguel stage-dive gone horribly wrong. It seems like she survived. Miguel, an up and coming pop star who sports Janelle Monae's haircut, performed at the Billboard Music Awards last night in Las Vegas. And during his performance, tried unsuccessfully to launch himself over a crowd of fans and ended up performing a move fit for the WWE on a couple of unlucky fans (the move appears about 18 seconds in):

And here's the move in GIF form—it's the fan on the left who seems to receive most of the damage of the slam:

Despite the slew of wrestling-inspired memes and jokes from that night, the whole thing looked pretty serious. If you follow the rest of the video, the fan who goes by the name Khyati, crumples away and disappears into the crowd. Because this was an awards show, no one really got an update on how Khyati was doing. No one knew if she was seriously injured until Miguel broke the good news on social media:

 And there's GIF proof that Khyati is at least fine enough to talk to a reporter from Billboard (and taller than Miguel):

The injuries to other woman who was kicked in the head as well as her identity are still unknown, the New York Daily News reportsBillboard says no one was injured. "Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we're okay," Miguel told reporters backstage. 

GIF of Miguel's performance by Timothy Burke; GIF of interview by Billboard.

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