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It was reported last night that former governor Sarah Palin (R-Beyond-the-Wall) has been offered a national syndicated talk show by reality TV mega-producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, Sarah Palin's Alaska), except she turned it down. Newsmax, of all places, got wind of this first, with Palin telling the site, "Todd and I have always loved working with Mark Burnett, and our family is always up for adventure, so never say never."

Aha, so in a weird way Palin is being coy with that quote, almost telling Mark Burnett — again, through Newsmax — that she's still potentially interested. It seems that part of the problem up to this point has been location, with Palin bristling at the idea of relocating to New York or Los Angeles, as Burnett is requiring that she do. Newsmax explains to us that "Palin has a distaste for cultural elites in the Big Apple and L.A., one person familiar with the discussions said." Hm. Isn't a former Vice Presidential candidate who's had a television show before and has published two books and is being offered another television show by one of the biggest producers in the business something of a cultural elite herself? I'd certainly think so!

Anyway, maybe Palin will decide to do it after all, if they figure out a way to allow her to travel back to Alaska frequently enough and if they give her the right payday. Is that something we'd want to watch? Sarah Palin becoming "the next Oprah"? It could be kind of fascinating, you must admit! And really, if she isn't talking politics, maybe everyone can get behind her. I'm sure she's got lots of insight and advice to give us all. So stop being so culturally elite, New York and L.A. You're scaring her off. Dumb down your own eliteness for just a little while so Sarah Palin can come film her national talk show in peace.

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