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Today, the same day that Prince Harry visited the Jersey Shore, the marooned roller coaster that became a symbol of what Sandy wrought—and made for some of the storm's most iconic images—started its journey back out of the ocean. Raw footage shows a large claw-like contraption hacking away at the Jet Star off of Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, almost as if in slow motion. According to the Asbury Park Press, the job will take 48 hours: 

Here is a GIF of the contraption pulling apart the coaster like a dog shaking a toy. 

Meanwhile, Casino Pier is installing a new "thrill" ride. According to the New York Times's Sarah Maslin Nir on Twitter the pseudo-replacement for the coaster swept to sea will be called "Superstorm." Seriously. But according to reporters on the scene, Casino Pier's Toby Wolf explained that the name is more of a sign of resilience than a "too soon" moment. Jennifer Weiss of The Wall Street Journal wrote that Casino Pier manager Josh Karu described the ride "as a pendulum in which riders are seated in a circle, facing inwards." Sounds... fun?

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