Well, Rihanna Sure Made Boston Angry

Today in celebrity gossip: Rihanna started a concert way too late, that Teen Mom sex tape is quite popular, Joe Francis might be going to jail, and scenes from Anna Wintour's house before the Met gala.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Rihanna started a concert way too late, that Teen Mom sex tape is quite popular, Joe Francis might be going to jail, and scenes from Anna Wintour's house before the Met gala.

A while back, the singer Rihanna canceled a concert in Boston because she had laryngitis, an ailment that is possibly real when we're dealing with a singer on a long tour, but sounds mostly made-up in general. Anyway, she rescheduled the concert for last night and while she did perform, she did not make many fans happy. She was three hours late in starting the show, and there was no opening act, so the natives got restless. Because this is the world we live in now, many angry fans tweeted out their anger, saying things like "Im over her" and "Thank you @rihanna for playing an hour long concert and lip syncing the whole thing. I'm glad u 'balled out' for Boston." Rihanna, that person was not being serious. They are not glad you balled out for Boston, because they don't really believe that you balled out for Boston. They instead believe that you kept people waiting three hours to lip-sync for one hour. Other people on Twitter disagreed, saying it was a lovely concert with some sort of nice Boston tribute wedged in there, but enough concertgoers were angry that people took notice. Rihanna's tardy performance comes in the wake of Justin Bieber angering mums at the O2 in London after keeping their daughters up late on a school night by delaying his show about three hours. These young stars need to learn that while the world demands of them more time than they've got, that the world has its own time too. And that three hours on a Monday night is a good long time. People have work, Rihanna. People have to get back in the car, get on the Pike, and drive home to Framingham just to go to sleep, wake up, and head back into Boston all over again. Don't make people wait three hours. Especially after canceling the show the first time for dubious reasons. It's rude. Not "Rude Boy." Just rude. [Daily Mail]

Well, I hope you're proud of yourselves, America. The release of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's sex tape crashed the website hosting it yesterday. Over two million people rushed to Vivid Entertainment's website to watch the tape, which basically means all of New Mexico watched Backdoor Teen Mom yesterday. Well done, New Mexico. Or two Rhode Islands. The appeal here is what? Are people attracted to Farrah Abraham? Or was it more the weird thrill of seeing one of the young women from Teen Mom doing something we know for a fact she's done before because she was on Teen Mom? I understand the curiosity, I guess, but good grief, people, show some restraint. Wait a day or two, huh? It was a Monday for chrisssakes. Maybe hold off until the weekend? But no, I guess people were just too eager. "Hey, Marsha, I can't come into work today, I have... a sick... thing..." "Oh, that's fine, Bob, I'm home, too, also, with a... sick... Farrah... Bye!" We are gross, America. Gross jerks who want to look at terrible things and we want to look at them now. [TMZ]

Speaking of wanting to look at gross things, guess who might be going to jail: Joe Francis! Yes, the Girls Gone Wild entrepreneur has been convicted of assault for a 2011 incident at his house. Specifically he was convicted "on five charges total, including assault, three counts of false imprisonment, and one count of dissuading a witness from reporting." Yikes. What happened was that Francis brought three women home after a night of partying and then wouldn't let them leave his house and attacked one of them. Shocking, I know, I mean you'd think that someone like Joe Francis would only treat women in the most respectful of ways. But he was convicted anyway and now he's facing up to five years in prison. Will he get it? I sort of doubt it. But he might! And he would deserve it, wouldn't he? I mean, it's Joe Francis. He is an empirically bad guy. That is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact. So why not toss him in the clink for a while, give him some time to sort himself out. He's earned it. And then when he's out he can go hang out with Farrah Abraham and all will be as it once was. But at least we'll have had a break for a while. [TMZ]

Human stress doll Kim Kardashian has, in years past, pointedly not been invited to the big Met gala, but she was invited to last night's festivities. So what changed? Well it might have something to do with the fact that she had dinner with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who has sway over the guest list. Kardashian and her man partner Kanye West were seen making their way to Wintour's home on Sunday night, where presumably they charmed Wintour into inviting them to the big party the next day. Or they performed some sort of ritual — presenting her with a bob wig made of innards or flagellating themselves with the straps of Coach purses — that pleased the famous ice deity. "Yes, yes, I can see your desire," Wintour said as Kim and Kanye knelt on the floor, ripping out perfume samplers from magazines and eating them whole. "Suffer for me, yesss...." Finally, after Kim promised her baby to Wintour and Kanye swore "I will do your favors three," Anna said "All right, enough, enough. I will see you two at the party tomorrow. But now scurry along. I've a long night ahead of me. Jessica Biel is coming over to fulfill her second favor." And a chill went through Kanye, imagining the future as he saw Anna take a strange box down from a shelf and a strange green light spill out when she opened it. Hope it was worth it, guys! [Us Weekly]

Martha Stewart, 71, had the opportunity to hit on Robert Redford and Paul Newman, but she never did. See, she used to work up a clothing store called Common Market in Westport which was, in the early '70s, one of the few places that sold Ralph Lauren goods. So of course Newman and Redford would come into the store, but Martha, ever dedicated to her task, would simply sell them pastries and let them be on their way. Yeah, I guess they sold pastries at this clothing store. That's what Martha was doing here. I don't know. It was Westport in the '70s. Who really knows. Anyway, Stewart related this story at some sort of luncheon yesterday, saying "Can you imagine? I didn’t even think about looking at those guys. I should have, because they’re very handsome." Yes, Martha. You should have looked at them. You really should have. The big joke right now of course is that Martha Stewart recently revealed that she's on Match.com, looking for a beau, which is both funny and relatably human and also sorta fake-sounding. I mean, is she really on Match.com? Is she really going on dates with IT professionals who live in Stamford and drive Nissans? I just don't see her doing that. Too bad Bob Redford isn't single. I'm sure they'd have a lovely time together, touching things made of corduroy and canvas, Martha calling Bob "cowboy" and Bob calling her "Miss Manners." That'd be a good movie. Someone make that movie. Get Nancy Meyers on the horn. [Page Six]

Jennifer Lopez had to cut short a Fort Lauderdale music video shoot, for a song she's doing with Pitbull, after gunshots rang out within a couple hundred feet of the singer. Probably for the best. God works in mysterious ways, after all. Something needed to be done to stop Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull from making a music video, and that was what worked. It was stopped, and that's what matters. The people arrested wearing bikinis are, unfortunately, collateral damage in the whole thing. They have not sacrificed in vain, though. [Daily Mail]

Look, it's Girls star Lena Dunham at the Met gala, meeting Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. Two generations of HBO single ladies meeting and sharing a hug and a laugh. Imagine that. It'd be like Vinnie from Entourage meeting... I dunno, some doink chugging Red Bull vodkas at a bar in Murray Hill. "You made me who I am," he would say. Not that SJP made Dunham who she is, but you know. Two shows largely about love and sex, both about four women in New York City. The comparison makes sense. And then you have Ari and Turtle and the gang, cock-walking around Los Angeles, while Greg and Tanner and the crew roll deep to Joshua Tree on a Saturday night. It's the same thing. [Daily Mail]

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